When Wow is the only Reaction

Every time I go out on a mission trip I never know what to really expect, I always ask for journey mercies, security and good meetings amongst many things but I never quite ask to be wowed!

Wowed is the only description I can give to the feeling of awe I felt in our recent trip to Kenya. It feels like I just watched the grand artist at work, I am forever taken by His order and presence.

He was very much at work at Rang’ala Baby Centre, where a group of poor nuns care for abandoned babies. What wowed me the most was to hear the story of one of the little girls, who was abandoned and left for dead, but God almighty, who orders everything, used monkeys to rescue this precious life. The childrens’ centre was one of the tidiest I have ever seen. They have very little but they are faithful to the core. It was a joy to take a team of youth on the mission. Thank you Jesus, for such a display of what faithfulness can do.

Our next stop was at Uyoma school. When we started getting involved in this school it was one of the worst performing schools in the county. They had no desks, classrooms without doors, Children were coming to school almost naked, their clothes were badly tattered, they did not have books. In summary the school just existed. This year things seem to have taken a 180 degrees’ turnabout. The students were cheerful and decently dressed and their parents came along with them. Our meeting this time was to share the reason for the season, Jesus Christ! For the first time since the school was founded the students had an opportunity to share the story of Christmas through acting – a new thing was happening in this village. A new Gift was coming to them. Jesus Christ was coming as a babe. This story still wows me, despite having listened to it hundreds of times.

Nairobi has many descriptions. For me it still feels like home. It is also a place of opportunity and challenge. Zuri and I were blessed to spend time with young people who are Thirsty for God. They are keen on reading the Word of God and walking closer with Christ in every aspect of their lives. It was encouraging to see the team of young African Missionaries that we have helped to mentor over the years, their faithfulness through the hard times, their love for one another and their concern for their neighbors. What a time of rejoicing it was to reconnect to our home Church in Nairobi which has continued to grow and influence many – including attending a special youth dinner.

How lovely it was to spend time with the recent High school graduates from Akiba school and ponder together what life “out there” may look like and offer the option of spending more time with Christ. Nairobi was full of Hope. Thank you Jesus for you are the hope that we need.

-Lucy and Zuri Chaves