Our programs are about building relationships, restoring dignity, inspiring hope, and creating opportunity. We help youth and young adults know Jesus, grow in faith, and develop and use their gifts to serve and enrich their communities.


Talent Development

Kenya Connection organizes and supports professional, and creative camps, retreats, workshops, apprenticeships, and development programs to help young people discover and develop their talents. We built networks of young professionals to share business resources and ideas. And we encourage and assist young adults to develop small businesses that they can use to support themselves and their families.

Community Enrichment


We help low-income, marginalized communities discover opportunities and address local needs. We help local churches and engage in activities such as malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment, and the development of community libraries, homework clubs, and other community resources.

Discipleship and Mission

Kenya Connection helps youth and young adults grow in Christian faith and discover and explore their calling through discipleship, missions, and internship programs. Learn more about our New Beginnings Gap Year Program for recent high school and college graduates.

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Student Sponsorship


Kenya Connection coordinates student sponsorships for orphans and vulnerable youth from low-income communities. Sponsorship includes school tuition, lunch, school supplies, school uniform, stationaries, and medical treatment. Our sponsorship program is coordinated through a partnership with Akiba School in Nairobi, Kenya. Click here to learn more and to sponsor a student.

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What We Do

  • Education

    We coordinate student
    sponsorships, internships, youth
    discipleship, mentorship, and training.

  • Talent Development

    We organize sports, professional and creative camps, retreats, workshops, and development programs.

  • Job Creation

    We support, encourage, and develop sustainable youth businesses and livelihoods.

How We Work

Check out our philosophy and approach.

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