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Kenya Election Update: What Next for Kenyans?

In the aftermath of two disputed presidential elections, Kenya remains on edge. Last week, the incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta, received over 98% of the vote in the repeat election and expressed his eagerness to restore stability and move the country forward. Yet the electoral process has been criticized, boycotted and faces legal challenges. Meanwhile, the opposition candidate has called for peaceful resistance, civil disobedience, and the formation of a people’s assembly to restore democracy.

Kenyans are divided along political lines (and often along tribal lines) as to what should happen next.
While life and business continue as usual and most of the country is at peace, there have been occasional flare-ups associated with protests, police crack downs, or criminal gangs. This past week has been especially challenging for families in Kawangware. Most of the sponsored students we work with at Akiba School live in Kawangware. The area is also home to Light and Power Centre and many of the ministry partners and friends we’ve worked with over the years.
Over a period of several days, criminal gangs have wreaked terror, looting shops, burning homes, and attacking residents. Despite the violence that has rocked the community, we’ve heard encouraging reports of communities coming together across tribal and political lines to protect and defend their neighbors. Calm has returned over the past 48 hours as students sit for their exams.

Please pray for the students and staff at Akiba School as well as for the youth and their families in Kawangware, that they would pursue peace, find refuge from violence, and find appropriate venues to express their concerns and frustrations. Pray for the families of those who have been affected by violence and for deep healing and reconciliation among Kenyans. We know it is possible!

This afternoon, Lucy had an opportunity to share some of her reflections on the current situation in Kenya. You can watch Lucy’s first international radio and television appearance on Straight Talk Africa with Shaka Ssali on Voice of America. (Watch the whole segment or pick up from 22:30 where Lucy begins)
“All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:18)