Uyoma School

Located in Siaya County in Western Kenya, Uyoma Primary School has 450 students from pre-school to 8th grade. The majority of families are low-income subsistence level farmers in an area with high rates of malaria and HIV/AIDS.

School Uniforms

Providing uniforms to needy school aged children has been demonstrated to improve attendance and academic performance. Kenya Connection provides jobs for HIV affected mothers to sew uniforms for children at Uyoma. Before the school uniform program began, many students wore tattered clothes to school. Uniforms offer a sense of dignity, pride, and belonging.


When Kenya Connection first began partnering with Uyoma Primary School, there was only one academic textbook available for each class. The District Education Officer cited this as the greatest need for the school as a single textbook was shared by the teacher and fifty students. By providing textbooks for all subject areas we enable all students to access school books.

Community Engagement

Active involvement and support of the local community is key to development and success at Uyoma. Kenya Connection actively engages parents, neighbors, teachers, and community members and works closely with the Board of Governors and Parent Teacher Association. Recently concerned neighbors dug a well for the school and helped repair several classrooms.

Feeding Program

Many students walk long distances to school and spend the day without food, resulting, in poor concentration and performance in the classroom. Kenya Connection is working to mobilize local farmers to provide a nutritious school lunch to children. We currently serve about 50 students.

Sanitary Towels

Many girls miss school each month during their menses. Most families cannot afford sanitary towels and this forces girls to stay at home. By providing low cost sanitary towels we can help girls stay in school.

The Normile-Walter Library

Kenya Connection is currently working to raise matching funds to construct and equip a simple library which would serve over 800 students in both the primary school and high school. Most students do not have electricity in their homes, and often cannot do homework or study in the evenings. The school library will provide a safe place to learn and study, and will serve as a resource for the entire community.

Make a Gift

Make a tax-deductible donation and help construct and equip the Uyoma library with books.

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About Michael Normile: Michael was a law and estates attorney who held a lifelong commitment to learning. A graduate of Boston College, he earned a PhD in Political Philosophy from Georgetown University and a J.D. from Potomac School of Law.

About Walter Onyango: Walter was born in the 1930’s in Siaya. He loved education and sharing whatever he had with family, friends, and those in need. A life-long farmer and local community member, he had a deep faith in God and strived to create a brighter future for his children.