About Kenya Connection

Kenya Connection is a network of mission partners investing in Kenyan youth and young adults. We empower youth to live productive and meaningful lives through education, mentorship, and business development. As a Christian organization, our primary focus is to connect young adults to Jesus Christ. We work with local churches to help young adults know Jesus, grow in faith, and develop their talents and gifts to serve and enrich their communities.


Mission and Values

Helping Kenyan youth grow in faith, develop talent, and create opportunities through Christ-centered education, mentorship, mission, and business development.

We are a faith-based organization and seek to cultivate Christian faith through our relationships, programs, and activities.
We believe relationships comes first and we seek to build strong community relationships and partnerships.
Integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate life. We honor our commitments, maintain accountability, and are honest, trustworthy, and respectful in our actions.
We strive for excellence and promote high standards. We are committed to professional best practices in cross-cultural mission and community and youth development.

We Connect

Partners in Mission

We build cross-cultural partnerships in Christian mission to further the work of evangelism, discipleship, and healthy living among Kenyan youth.


Young Adults to Jesus

We help young adults know Jesus and grow in their faith.


Students and Sponsors

We recruit, monitor, and coordinate sponsorships and internships..


Business Needs and Opportunities

We train and equip young entrepreneurs and connect investors to business growth.



Sponsored Students
Community Enterprises
Youth Counselors

What We Do

  • Education

    We coordinate student
    sponsorships, internships, youth
    discipleship, mentorship, and training.

  • Talent Development

    We organize sports, professional and creative camps, retreats, workshops, and development programs.

  • Job Creation

    We support, encourage, and develop sustainable youth businesses and livelihoods.

How We Work

Check out our philosophy and approach.

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