A Test for Democracy: Dramatic Uncertainty in Kenya’s Elections

In Kenya, the past few months have been full of headlines and dramatic uncertainty surrounding leadership and the nation’s presidential election.

The Supreme Court’s monumental decision to annul the presidential results over “irregularities and illegalities” has been followed with a boycott of parliamentary proceedings, calls for reform, and hotly debated preparations for a re-run. With the recent withdrawal of the leading opposition candidate, demonstrations are taking place in key cities across the country on a daily basis as the scheduled election may or may not proceed.


H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses national leaders.


These challenges, though great, have arguably tested and strengthened the country’s constitutional democracy and demonstrated a concern for integrity and transparency in the election process. Throughout this extended election period, Kenyans have¬†shown tremendous patience, optimism, and respect for law.¬† Protests have been largely peaceful.

The nation, however, is in uncharted territory and the way forward is the subject of great prayer and vigorous debate among politicians, legal scholars, and ordinary citizens. Across the political divide, Kenyans are concerned for peace and stability with hopes for a bright future.

Kenyan children unity march

Children from communities across Kenya hold hands and march during the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast.

The academic calendar has already been adjusted once and children across the country are keenly aware of the ongoing debates and demonstrations surrounding the election.

We don’t know what will come in the days ahead but request your prayers for those in leadership and authority, for understanding and harmony among Kenyans, for a judicious election in God’s timing, and for peace and unity.